Waving from the Alps!

(turn up the volume to hear the cowbell)

Pardon the lack of posts here, but this family is enjoying two weeks off in the Swiss alps. You can catch a glimpse of our trip over on Instagram. (Follow hashtag #swissmissgoesswitzerland2014)

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  1. Yes, this side of Switzerland exists …
    And yes, the Alps exist, too …

    But I got news for you: 2/3 of Switzerland is suburb, rather dull suburbs, I’m afraid …

    I’m Swiss, I’m afraid …

    There’s a saying over here: It’s nice to be born in Switzerland, it’s nice to be buried in Switzerland. But what do you do in between?

    Well, Tina found an answer …


  3. Thanks! Made my day. Enjoy!

  4. B-b-b-b-but…Friday link pack!


    Enjoy your holiday!

  5. if you want your INSTAGRAM pix to be hyperlinked to your blog posts… we’re hre 4 that :-) inst-ore.com :-) Enjoy Swiss, Miss!

  6. Let’s make Switzerland cool :) Go for it, I hope you enjoyed the beauty of the place and I really really hope that some of your enthusiastic superpower infected our land of chocolate and cheese ! Holy cow – Swiss Miss was at home. I knew something was different here in these weeks, felt the shaking of the alps! :) Keep rolling and take care of yourself ! Swiss Miss will be missed by the Swiss – come back soon!

  7. Peter, super sorry. Taking a mini break here. They’ll be back. I promise…

  8. Waving back from the Bodensee… ;)
    (heading up to the App’zellerland tomorrow, just because!)