This World

This World

This World print by Wasted Rita.

(via Bas)

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  1. This is too much like Shrigley’s and it makes me sad.
    I am not saying it is bad.

  2. Hi Swissmiss,
    I checked out Wastedrita’s website and find a number of their illustrations , particularly the woman portrayed in sexually abliging positions really offensive and unnecessary. I would like to know if you find this content flattering and healthy to women particularly when there are no illustrations on men in a similar position.
    I feel I have been put off your blog.

  3. Wow, I assumed it was Shrigley when I scanned past! Almost identical style and subject matter. Hmm…

  4. Erin, I am sorry you’re offended by me posting some of Wasterita’s work. I would never post the drawings you are alluding too but I do respect her artistic expression. I am not sure what makes her draw those sexual interactions, but I believe there is probably a deeper thought behind it. And hey, sexuality is a widen open field. We all have different approaches to it. Trying to keep an open mind…

  5. Sarah
    So I am not the only one?
    I looked her older works and she have had more of her own style if that is the right word.
    Wondering why would she mimic Shrigley now, or am I missing something?

  6. Nice David Shrigley tribute site!

  7. it is a real stretch to call that kind of crap “work”

  8. Hi!

    1 – My crap should be seen as ‘work’ because I make a living out of it. BUT, I don’t mind if you prefer to call it crap.
    2 – This is a link to my online store, all pieces are out of context and randomly placed. You can see things a bit more clearly here: or
    3 – I have a few sexual related series because: a) I have no tabus about it, b) I’ve spent too much time with people who were always hiding or avoiding these themes (nuns) in my childhood and now I feel the need to be as open about it as I possible; c) I got commissioned to do it.
    4 – I portrait women in submissive sexual positions (if you say so, I have a different opinion about it, we can discuss it by mail) because I am my own boss 24/7 and that kinda makes me enjoy losing control sometimes, more specifically during sexual intercourse. TMI? Sorry ’bout that.
    5 – I know myself, the place where my work comes from deeply enough and how distant I am from the art and artist scene to be super ok / flattered with your comparisons.
    6 – Thank you, Tina and Bas.
    7 – Off to watch Friends and sleep.


  9. Do you think your work looks like that of David Shrigleys?

  10. Rita
    Glad you followed up.
    If you care please read this, introduction done by Will Self for the book
    This is exactly my sentiment.
    SInce you are already established it might not be any of your concern. Besides Shrigley was not that well known in US until recently.
    Just consider that if more than few swissmiss followers bothered to point it out here, it might not that good idea to keep selling them.
    Well, said the bookshop man, a little abashed but putting a brave face on things, I know my work is very like David Shrigley’s but, you see, it is my work, work I’ve been doing for years now, since long before I was ever aware of David Shirigley’s work.
    I accept that, I said – although at the time of speaking I did, in fact, retain ignoble reservations.
    But what I’m trying to tell you is that I think you’ll find it hard to get your work published given its strong similarity to the work of David Shrigley, who is quite well established.
    And that is where we left it.

    As I said, while I was speaking to the bookshop man I had reservations. It wasn’t that I imagined he had plagiarised the work of David Shrigley – the notion was too bizarre. It was rather that I suspected he might have seen some of Shrigley’s work, been sort of inadvertently influenced by it and then – quite legitimately – forgotten that he’s ever seen it all.

  11. Rita’s work is awesome.