Design Matters with Jonathan Harris

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  1. Oh, yes! I heard this podcast within a day or two of when it was online. Such a good show. Debbie Millman is so down-to-earth, personable, knowledgeable, experienced, inquisitive, fun—everything you’d want in a host.

    And, then there’s Jonathan. Every time I hear him or read something he’s written, I want to meet him, sit together and talk about life, art, people, ideas, being, real stories (not marketing “storytelling”), exploring, turning things on their heads. So genuine. Such a lovely person. I hear him and think, “I hope he has a wonderful path ahead of him.” Even though I know that he, more than most people, creates paths, looks and discovers paths that so many of us just walk by. I hope that life is kind to him.

    I’m so glad you brought this one to your readers’ attention.