Food Huggers

FOod Hugger

Food Huggers are silicone ‘food hats’ designed to save that half of a lemon or an apple you don’t want to throw away. The Avocado Foodhugger alone is a total winner, no?

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  1. Too bad they’re all out of stock!

  2. Stehen bereits auf meiner Wunschliste …

  3. OMG! There is an avocado hugger too! You can buy them directly from their website.
    Thanks Tina for another great post. This is a product I really want and needs and also it’s a great holiday gift.

  4. Love these! For fruits, veggies, jars, lids to recycle topless jars. Easy to open for aging or injured hands! Good share. Will buy a zillion.

  5. was a kickstarter – got mine through there!

  6. I need this! Thanks for posting.

  7. I got these as a kickstarter too – love mine & use them all the time!