Friday Link Pack

In this CreativeMornings talk Steve Larosiliere speaks about chances he’s been given, and how he payed it forward with Stoked, a development organization for underserved youth.

What does the liver do?

– 4 million songs on Spotify have never been played. Not even once. Forgotify wants to change that. (via)

5 Thanksgiving Leftover Hacks

– Country Bar (or Swiss Chalet) Camouflage Shirt.

– 7 Pieces of Wisdom That Will Change the Way You Work

– Wow! 1890 Victorian burlesque dancers

The Kid Should See This just launched a gift guide full of “sciency, smart gift ideas for kids.

– Impressed by how Snapchat is evolving their product: Snapchat Murders Facebook.

Tornado and Rainbow Over Kansas

RadioISS plays streams of the radio stations that the International Space Station passes over on its continual orbit of Earth.

– “In a study conducted at Cornell University in 2009, researchers found that people who received the menu without the dollar signs, spent significantly more money than those who received a menu with the usual currency sign present.” Take Off That Dollar Sign from Your Prices

Flio, an ultra-slim portable laptop stand

– Did you catch the step by step DIY instructions on how to decorate your Christmas ornaments with Tattly?

Two new iPhone commercials.

– Despite a temperature of -61 degrees Fahrenheit, a group of travelers work together to push an airliner across a frozen tarmac in a remarkable video shot in the Siberian town of Igarka.

Emojiary asks you how you’re feeling once a day. You answer visually—in emoji.

– Really intrigued by the Boom Boom Speaker/Recorder.

Simmer makes it easy to create your own step-by-step cooking videos.

A three-step marketing ladder

– This week, MailChimp published its first ebook, The UX Reader.

– Mother of 4 wakes up early to make creative breakfasts for her kids. Impressive!

– Did you know Tattly offers 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions? Makes for a perfect gift!

– My friends at Flocabulary are looking to hire an UI/UX Designer. Such good people!

– There’s a desk available in my co-working space Studiomates in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Email me if you’re interested in renting it and join our little community of creative types. (–> desk at

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  1. -61 degrees Fahrenheit? Please don’t forget you are Swiss and please try to avoid using barbaric units of measure.

  2. That 99U article was LEGIT.