Admin Mondays

admin mondays

Over dinner last week Jessica Hische convinced me to try her concept of Admin Mondays. Read her entire post on email efficiency.

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  1. This reminds me of something a dear freelancer friend once said, and I LOVE to follow this advice is, “Worry once a week.” It’s so damn easy to worry every day about the admin stuff, bill stuff, etc. Takes away from creative stuff. But once a week, I can do that.

  2. Love this. My coworker and I decided on this recently, but chose Thursday, so we can finish everything from the week and leave Friday open for those last minute 911’s that always seems to pop up.

  3. I do something like this on Saturday (today!) but not formally…which means I can be more by SwissMiss blog! I think I’ll make it more formal with some parameters! Thanks for this!

  4. This is an excellent use of the “Snooze” function in “Google Inbox”. Thanks for sharing!