What TV Show Should I watch Next?

I don’t own a TV, I watch shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime. I asked my Twitter followers what show I should watch next. OMG! So many answers! Thanks to everyone that responded. I went with Transparent and ‘devoured’ the first three shows right away.

I love the internet so much.

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  1. Watch black mirror. It’s really good.

  2. Yes! Can we talk about how good Transparent is?! I’m so happy to hear you’re watching it.

  3. The Americans. It’s only Season 2, so you can catch up. It’s actually really good!

  4. Netflix has The Killing which I watched every night for two weeks. Also on Netflix: Peaky Blinders, Rectify, The Mind of a Chef (David Chang), and Luther.

  5. You’re describing exactly my yesterday evening with the exact same outcome :)

  6. You may want to give web series like The Trivial Pursuits of Arthur Banks or Bestsellers a try as well. Check www. webseriescinema.nl for more.

  7. Definitely The Killing on Netflix. One of the best tv shows I know.

  8. Had I seen this I would’ve said Transparent. My favorite series of recent memory.

  9. I don’t think I’ve seen this on Netflix, but I highly suggest Orphan Black. Great series.

  10. Try some of the Scandinavian series: Wallander, The Bridge, …there are a ton of them on Netflix

  11. Doctor Who. Sherlock. The Game.

  12. Sherlock!!!!! Amazeballs :D

  13. Resently I discovered Penny Dreadful (warning! Hard stuf) and Deadwood. Penny Dreadful is a mixture of Ripper Street and True Blood and Deadwood is a Western in series. Excellent made!

  14. Avatar the Last Airbender. Great one to watch with kids – tackles heavy issues like sexism, genocide, child abuse, and compassion/empathy in the face of violence. Really a fantastic series for adults – and recently the Legend of Korra was completed (although the last 2 seasons and the some of the most outstanding television I’ve watched recently are not on Amazon Prime… yet.). I don’t recommend watching Korra without watching The Last Airbender – even though the other series is a bit dated and childish, it’s still an incredibly rich world that they build. Korra has deep character building of a strong-willed, female characters – something nice to see in this day and age. Can’t stop singing it’s praises.

    Watching Deadwood and also loving it.

  15. I really liked Broadchurch on Netflix, it’s a small town murder mystery from the BBC. If you like David Tenant you should definitely give it a try :)

  16. “Silk” and “The Honourable Woman”, both excellent!

  17. Two votes for Broadchurch.

  18. On Amazon Prime:

    Ripper Street is genuinely great. It has got better over the three series too.

    I will admit to watching ‘Black Sails’ and ‘Vikings’ which are great, if you want something that is fun and you don’t want to think too hard.

  19. Fargo !! True detective !! Secret state !! Flashforward !!

  20. the betchley circle

  21. I recommend the British drama series called “Happy Valley”.

  22. I think you’d love “The Returned” (“Les Révenants”). The storyline is great and visually speaking, it’s outstanding. I highly recommend it. “Call the Midwife” and “Sherlock” (the B. Cumberbatch version) are awesome too. I’m currently watching “Broadchurch” and liking it a lot. My husband just finished watching “Marco Polo” and said it was good. Not great, but good. Happy watching!

  23. I just finished An Honorable Woman with Maggie Gyllanhal – the acting and story are incredible. Broadchurch was also great, and definitely Sherlock if you haven’t seen it yet. And Betchley Circle! Love PBS….

  24. Dicte…it’s a Danish series, and the first season is available on Netflix and it is so good. Strong female characters, good mysteries, and Iben Hejle is just superb.

  25. Iben Hjejle, that is!

  26. I’d highly recommend the FX show The Americans. The opening credits are worth watching alone, from a graphic design standpoint. I believe it’s on iTunes and Amazon now.

    If you like comedy, Parks and Recreation on NBC is pretty brilliant. I believe that one is on Netflix too.

  27. I love this website called ‘whatsonnetflix.com’, which basically lists top reviewed films on IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and Metacritic corresponding to Netflix’s current offerings. Very Useful! My personal recommendation? Fish Tank.