Jessica Hische and Forever Love

That talented Jessica Hische! Here’s an interview with her on her recent USPS Forever Stamp design. What a talent!

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  1. Now I want to go by a roll of them :)

  2. I’m doing a little pop up event this weekend for Valentine’s Day card letter writing for my impending little shop, the Snail Mail Cafe…and I was so psyched a couple weeks ago when I found out Jessica had done another collaboration with the USPS! I was at my local post office the next morning to buy them for the event. LOVE Swiss Miss, Love Jessica’s work, and LOVE the USPS!!

  3. I’ve been collecting since her Love Ribbon stamp! This video adds a nice touch :)

  4. such talent and such an inspiration! the moment i saw the ribbon stamp, knew it was her work.

  5. She continues to be my design crush. I love her flower analogies in the video. Spot on.