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  1. Inneract Project is a non-profit in the bay area that has become a platform to expose and teach middle school kids about design.

  2. The Park Avenue Armory Youth Corps is a great program!

  3. Studio in a School is awesome! I collaborated with them for the Art and Healthy Eating program which pairs an artist and nutritionist. It was a wonderf experience and the kids LOVED it!

  4. We worked with Art Start many years ago, really great group of people.

  5. Kids at Their Best is a rural grassroots organization in NE Colorado that brings art, science, lunch and leadership to kids. This summer they will have lunch and creativity sites in five towns in the area and are hoping to add more. During the school year they run an after school program that provides art education, homework help and a teen leadership program to students in three towns. With creativity based classes being among of the first classes to get cut at many rural school districts this is the only exposure to creating art that many of these students have.

  6. The Richmond Art Center in Richmond, CA (Bay Area) offers classes in their studios for kids and teens that range from jewelry and metals to printmaking, fibers and ceramics and have an ever-expanding traveling Art in the Community program, bringing teaching artists and art-making resources to local schools and community centers. They have several STEAM programs as well, integrating visual arts with science, technology, math and engineering curriculum.

  7. The AjA Project

  8. Alegria and SALTNYC

  9. Juxtaposition Arts in North Minneapolis!

  10. Inner City Arts in Los Angeles!

  11. A Reason To Survive (ARTS) in San Diego is an incredible place with an incredible story.

  12. Sitka Fine Arts Camp where I live in Sitka, Alaska. Incredibly beautiful location, amazing program, and tremendous community support.

  13. Experimentem amb l’art in Barcelona, Spain, is doing a great job teaching contemporany art to children and adults.

  14. Asheville Art Museum – goes into schools with More than Math and Literacy Through Art. Also offers great studio hands on classes plus Portfolio prep asaistance. Need more info 828-712-6396.

  15. The Real Love Project brings songwriting, guitar lessons, and the music of John Lennon into children’s hospitals.


  16. Time In Kids in New York City is a remarkable organization that offers a rich, immersive experience of opera and art to the neediest, most underserved public schools in the city

  17. Art Buddies is a Creatives for Causes program in Minneapolis, founded by Sue Crolick and run by Scott Mikesh and Steph Vagle. Members of the Twin Cities creative community serve as mentors paired with kids from low-income families to help them build dreams.

  18. Hi Tina! I am a founding board member of Statement Arts a non profit that started up in Hells Kitchen. I invite you to take a look!

  19. Rock Camp for Girls Montreal.

  20. The Brooklyn Arts Council has an Arts in Education program.

  21., a platform which provides playful tools for kids and also runs workshops around architecture

  22. ArtWorks Cincinnati pairs artists with youth employees to paint murals all over the region:

  23. Yes! two recommendations:
    The Children’s Museum of the Arts has programs:
    Time In, led by Cyndie Berthezene. Time In grew out of her program called Hi! Art! that my oldest child absolutely loved (and so did I!)

  24. The Fralin Museum of Art at the University of Virginia has an Early Visions program that partners with Boys and GIrls Club every spring. The program is a mentoring program between UVA students and typically elementary to middle school. The mission is to build relationships through art experiences.

  25. New Urban Arts in Providence, RI gives free after-school art lessons. The kids there really seemed to enjoy the classes and studio space!

  26. Detroit Future Schools and Arts & Scraps in Detroit

  27. Free Arts Minnesota. This non-profit works with children who experience proverty,abuse, homelessness and metal illness, using art as a healing power of creative expression and with caring adult mentors.

  28. Urban Arts Partnership in NY.

    Urban Arts Partnership is a not-for-profit that advances the intellectual, social and artistic development of underserved public school students through arts-integrated education programs to close the achievement gap.

  29. Take a trip upstate and check out the Center for Discovery in Harris, NY. They do so much more than the arts and music, but that is a big part of what they do. Also, it’s not visual art, but check out the Nordoff Robbins Center at NYU. They do improvisational music therapy, really powerful stuff!

  30. Chester County Art Association in Chester County PA (art specifically), and WH McIntyre Never Forget Foundation of Southeastern PA (works to facilitate arts activities of all kinds for children who have lost a parent and need to find a way to express themselves)

  31. In our area, the Santa Ynez Valley in California, we have an amazing organization, Arts Outreach, that brings together local artists to teach art in the classroom. The organization works with the teachers in the local schools to create a rich curriculum that ranges from painting, drawing, ceramics all the way to photography, drama , music and digital art. They also sponsor after school programs and a series of summer programs, including a large drama production that is always a sell-out.

  32. Art Buddies! (in Minneapolis)

  33. Project Color Corps out of the Bay Area.

  34. i live in the small rural town of helena, arkansas and work for a non-profit community development & design firm called thrive (

    one of our co-founder’s wives teaches art classes to younger kids in our area, with most of the fees being paid for by community members who sponsor them. they get taught the fundamentals of art as well as work on community beautification projects (usually murals). she also is on the board of a local arts association (the arkansas delta arts partnership) that provides an art-focused summer camp to local children.

    part of thrive’s mission is to teach our community the fundamentals of design and make design & art accessible to everyone, and i’ve wondered for a while now whether there’s sort of program out there that we could implement—so i’d love to see a post about the culmination of your research if you find some interesting strategies or programs that could be applied to a rural area!

  35. Hope On a String

    They build strong communities in Haiti through the power of music.

  36. sitar arts center is an amazing organization in Washington,DC.

  37. Sitar Arts Center in DC

  38. in Vancouver, BC

    “Arts Umbrella is a not-for-profit arts education centre for children and youth ages 2-19. Arts Umbrella is committed to delivering the highest quality visual and performing arts education to young people, regardless of their socio-economic circumstances.”

  39. COCA in St. Louis, Missouri

  40. I work at ArtStarts in Schools, a not-for-profit organization that provides innovative arts programs for young people, practical resources for teachers and artists, and leadership in advocacy for arts in education. I’d be happy to talk to you know about our programs and services.

  41. CoachArt in Los Angeles & Oakland!

  42. Project Art does a wonderful job, partnering libraries with public schools to provide arts education to children

  43. – The Georgia Boy Choir brings beauty to life. They’ve brought me to tears, and I’ve seen the program help children become virtuous men. Check out their YouTube videos too:

  44. is a platform (UK/France) which provides playful tools for kids and also runs workshops around architecture

  45. Art with a Heart in Baltimore!

  46. Based in Brisbane, Australia. And have been operating for many years. Just brilliant!

  47. The Songs for Kids foundation is wonderful,
    they integrate musicians year-round into the lives of kids both in and out of children’s hospitals and special needs camps through live interactive concerts, hospital bedside performances and their Songs For Kids Records songwriting & recording program.

  48. New York….agree, Studio in a School is great….Groundswell, too…

    I have been working with a teaching poet for 15 years, through every project I have done — nobody better than Dave Johnson. Nobody pickier than me. He is magic. If you go to @lonnitanner you’ll see some of our collaborations.

  49. Seattle – Art With Heart is a great organization that has several books and programs in helping kids through therapy using art:

  50. Art180 in Richmond VA

  51. Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville. My friend Aaron runs several of the education programs.

  52. Art City in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  53. Happen inc. in Cincinnati Ohio
    Their website is currently being re-vamped but find them here on Facebook

  54. Bayview Hunters Point Center for Arts and Technology (BAYCAT) in San Francisco.

  55. MARWEN! Marwen, in Chicago, is the best art ed org on the planet. I worked there on and off for a bunch of years. They provide incredible super high quality classes, college + career planning, 100% free of charge. (they are on an amazing expansion plan right now!)

  56. based in Toronto, Canada – focuses on Art, Environment and Education.

  57. Literary Lots in Cleveland, OH.

    They transform vacant, unused lots around the city into scenes from children’s books while offering programming and events.

  58. Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art & Storytelling (opening in the fall). It’s being developed by Broadway Housing Communities and will use art and storytelling to nurture the language, literacy and problem-solving skills of young children (3-8) in the underserved communities of Upper Manhattan. If you’d like I can put in in touch with the museum Director.

  59. This one is in Australia and they are brilliant.
    Artists for Kids Culture.

  60. The Best Biennial is an art biennial that takes place in the autumn break in 2015 all over southern Sweden. This year’s theme is Transformation. The Best Biennial is an opportunity for kids, teens and adults to enjoy art together.

    Throughout the region, young and old can visit art exhibitions and performances, and take part in workshops led by professional artists and art educators.

    The conference of 2015 is programmed in collaboration with Tate Modern and will be held at Dunkers kulturhus, Helsingborg, on yhr 19th of October.

  61. The Global Arts Corp

    Was one of our speakers in Johannesburg CreativeMornings

  62. By Far the Best in the Washington, DC area is
    ART WORKS NOW is right outside of Washington, DC in Mt. Rainer/Hyattsville, MD

    Started by my dear grade school buddy, Barbara Johnson, who generously gives her gifts of art knowledge to the next generation of budding artists.

  63. The MyBlock Education Program has made filmmakers out of 1,500 New York City kids — and this army of young filmmakers have, in turn, produced films that give insight into the lives and the struggles of the next generation of New Yorkers.

  64. Creative Action in Austin, TX provides arts education as a tool to help children become great leaders and responsible citizens. Plus, they employ actual artists from the community as teachers. The ED is one of the smartest people I’ve ever known.

  65. I volunteered for a few years with a group called FreeArts NYC, and they focused on providing extracurricular arts programs to underfunded/under-privileged public school kids here in NYC. They work with other community groups like CAMBA in Brooklyn, and we taught a 2 hour art class one day a week after school. I always admired the dedication and energy of the full time staff, the professionalism of my fellow volunteers, and the quality and ambition of the arts curriculum that we taught. The kids really seemed to value our classes and look forward to learning more about art and culture through each project, I worked with several kids year after year. They also host large one-day events throughout the year, and provide kids art projects/classes at other non-profit events like face-painting at the Childhood Diabetes Walk. I’d highly recommend them as a group, and also the executive staff as a team – they are rockstars.

  66. I work at ArtStarts in Schools, a not-for-profit organization that provides innovative arts programs for young people, practical resources for teachers and artists, and leadership in advocacy for arts in education. I’d be happy to talk to you know about our programs and services.

  67. NL

  68. Arts For Life! Bringing arts education to kids and families in children’s hospitals across NC.

  69. I would recommend Playing for Change Foundation for the more musically oriented.

  70. check out

    Arts education for children in one of the most violent neighborhoods of America: Pittsburg, PA.

  71. Art Relief International Chiang Mai Thailand

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  73. Scribble Art Workshop in NYC!