USB Port Extension

USB port extension

Here’s a product I didn’t know I needed until I saw it: The blueLounge Jimi USB Port Extension will end my constant getting up and trying to plug USB devices into the back of my iMac. YES!

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  1. DONT GET IT! it’s really badly made.

    Takes lots of force to plug something in, and even more to remove. Also doesn’t sit flush with the edge of iMac, which annoys the hell of my ocd brain.

    Great idea, incredibly bad execution.

  2. I can’t see it being helpful. Looks like it would just rock and twist in the socket and damage it. Better off just using a USB extension cable. Better still, at home I use a multi-port USB hub. On my iMac at work, I can find the empty slot without looking or over reaching while remaining seated. I’m sure you can do it too with a bit of practice.