Letterpress at Home Kit

Letterpress At Home Kit

This Letterpress At Home Kit is very tempting. My kids and I could have some serious fun with it. Anyone know if it’s any good?

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  1. Wooowwww!! I think I seriously need this! It looks soooo fun and pretty :D

  2. Nice, I want this for myself haha.

  3. Its more of a good intro into the process of letterpressing, and good for little things.

    My wife and I bought a home kit similar to this, and had fun with it, but we quickly outgrew the little machine. Might be good for kids.

  4. I used it in a workshop at Paper Source and enjoyed it!

  5. I have one that I’ve been using for the past few years. My first few attempts at printing were very frustrating and was ready to call it quits. I came across the blog posting below from Boxcar Press and it was very helpful.


    It’s fun but at the same time a labor of love, and I’ve had some pretty good results for DIY letterpress


  6. It does work best for small & small batch projects. There are some youtube vids that review & demonstrate it. Here is a online letterpress lead by Hello Lucky available on Brit + Co if you want to see how to use it. https://goo.gl/ZrcAan

  7. I used a similar system for my own wedding stationery. It was the L Letterpress and has been reviewed by PaperCrave.

    Before you buy something like this, I would recommend that you have a read of their review and tips. I found their suggestions extremely useful for sandwich and roller home letterpress gear. See this link (http://papercrave.com/l-letterpress-review-update-with-preliminary-custom-plate-results/) or if the link is blocked, search google for “papercrave L letterpress review update”.

  8. I think the machine is probably better than expected for being all plastic, and probably ideal for kids making occasional holiday cards.

    There’s a platemaking company in Syracuse called Boxcar Press that did a review of a similar one many years ago. I think they were pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. The best part was that their custom polymer plates work really well with the machine, so you could order custom plates from them, or a set they already make for better variety. OR, sticky foam could probably be used to cut out printable shapes.

    Give it a try!