Carpet Beater

carpet beater

I completely forgot about the existence of Carpet Beaters.

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  1. I remember them very well. Once in a week my grandpa took all carpets out and we beat them like worst enemies. They never used a vacuum cleaner (neither they used multi-ply toilet paper :-))

  2. We have the identical one at home.

  3. Does it connect via Bluetooth? How can you control it from your iPhone??? -clueless…

  4. Stefan, what you need is the “artificial intelligence” module. It´s quite cheap and you can find it in every mirror around you. You only have to connect it between the handle and the ground that´s all :-)

  5. I had a client once who had interesting collections of antiques on display at their house – a glass coffee table which doubled as a vitrine for old ink bottles, shelves in front of their kitchen sink window filled with small blue and green glass bottles, all different, a whole wall of tin toy robots.

    My favorite collection and means of display was to line their entire stairwell wall with an incredible variety of carpet/rug beaters. It was as if the whole run was covered in flowery line doodles.