Friday Link Pack

I was the proud owner of one of these yellow SONY walkmans. Oh, the memories…

– Interesting (sobering) maps show median 1-bedroom rent in NYC neighborhoods.

– Not sure how to feel about this app: KeyMe App.

Skillshare classes that will make you better at your Marketing job.

Full Moon Sitting Cushion. Lovely.

– The 4 Types of Productivity Styles

Roccbox is not only compact, but it cooks with an uncanny sense of urgency, as it’s able to bake a 12-inch pizzas in as little as 90 seconds. Wait, what?

Streaks – a to-do app that helps you form good habits.

– This little boy makes a compelling case for being a vegetarian.

– Watch this: Nick and the Met.

– Currently enjoying this DO book on leading.

Jumbo Confetti Balloons. YES!

– The tempescope is an ambient physical display that visualizes various weather conditions like rain, clouds, and lightning. By receiving weather forecasts from the internet, it can reproduce tomorrow’s sky in your living room.

Good advice: “4. hire those excited about the future vs. those nostalgic about the past.”

– These waterfront murals by HULA are stunning. Painting with buckets while balancing on a surfboard! Respect.

– I think I might have to book a trip to St.Louis to visit this sprawling 600,000 square-foot urban playground, built in an old shoe factory.

– A horrible new PayPal policy opts you into getting robocalls. Facepalm!

What’s the big deal with gluten? – William D. Chey

Designs John Maeda loves the most.

– Not all who wander are lost, vintage customer painted globe.

– Just listened to this Radiolab episode. Intense.

– A hand-drawn wallpaper that slowly fades into white. Love this.

– Mind blown: A self-folding Origami robot.

– My friends at Sherpaa are looking to hire a Senior UX Designer.

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  1. The city museum in St.Louis is an amazingly awesome deathtrap. Several stories of caves, rock, rebar, and old rusty things with a bar at the top. I have no idea how something so dangerous (and fun) is legally allowed to operate.

    Also St. Louis has a wonderful museum and art scene worth checking out as well. Look up Evil Prints studio.

  2. Thanks for the bump, T! Two things: I’m tempted to make Mr. Gluten my wallpaper and 2) Radiolab is so full of awesome. That is all. Love ya.

  3. Thanks for playing some NZ music! (I totally had one of those yellow Walkmans too)

  4. The Roccbox looks interesting. First impressions compared to the Uuni, which I own and also can produce a delicious pizza in less than 3 minutes:

    I’d probably still prefer the wood used by the Uuni over gas in the Roccbox as a heating source although the Roccbox is probably more consistent with a lower learning curve.

    The narrow opening on the Roccbox pretty much limits it to just pizza and and flat breads like ciabatta as opposed to the Uuni which can handle boules and virtually any bread shape once you figure out how to regulate the temperature.

    The built-in thermometer on the Roccbox is just nice.

    The Roccbox weighs 44lbs. The Uuni 19.8lbs and partially disassembles for transportation.

    The Roccbox is $535. The Uuni $299.

    Looks are subjective but I think most readers of this blog would agree with me that the Uuni is more attractive.

    I’m happy with my Uuni, although I’d kill for a built in thermometer.

    My real point is that the fast cooking time isn’t just a novelty but the best way to cook a pizza and I know of only a handful of restaurants that can compete with what I can make at home. I also use it wood fire roast veggies and leftovers which are about to go off. Easily worth the money.

  5. Thanks for the shout-out for Do Lead. So glad you’re enjoying it.

    – Les

  6. I emailed paypal about the “robo call” issue and told them I want to opt out. They replied this morning saying they “submitted [my] account to [their] technical department for [me] to be opted out of the robo-calls.”

  7. The moon is flat?