monYay: Notifly


Notifly is a calendar notification device that sits on your desk and lets you know when you have a meeting, by blowing a bubble. It’s one of three joy-filled conceptual provocations created by IDEO NY designers for Studio 360’s Redesigns series. The goal of these inventions: turn much-dreaded Mondays into wahoo-worthy Mon-yays!

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  1. Nice Work Mon-Yays.Keep on Sharing new articles and invention…

  2. I love this, what an interesting way to approach the reminder system.

  3. Are these apps available already? I cannot find them. Thank you!

  4. This is so cool!

    I can see a small portable version (that you can throw in your bag) working to help parents get kids to leave a fun place…”Ok, kids. When the bubbles start, it’s time to leave. The bubble says so.”

  5. Are these available for purchase yet?

  6. Nice work done… conflagration pal………