Friday Link Pack

(Entrancing endless spiral of toy trains)

– PBS is airing a documentary in September about Muppets creator Jim Henson called In Their Own Words: Jim Henson.

– Banksy’s latest exhibition, Dismaland, is certainly his most ambitious to date.

3 ways good design makes you happy

How 17 companies got their quirky names.

Absurd and whimsical water faucets created by Kakudai

– Always running out of storage on your iPhone? Here are 12 handy tricks. (via)

– Team Cup of Jo asked me if I have a current favorite business book. I sure do. I mention it at the bottom of this post.

– Furniture startup Greycork created a couch that ships flat and assembles without any tools in minutes. And is way more stylish than any IKEA couch.

– Personalized hand-writing bracelets and necklaces.

A Report on Sleep by the DO Lectures

– Great read: Abandoning the Work I Hated

– Totally nerding out over this Spaceship Home.

– My friend Kevin shares his secrets to booking a round the world plane ticket

The Offline Chair helps you stay offline and relax.

– Here’s a first; Kim Kardashian’s daughter in the Daily Mail (I know!) wearing our Gold Bracelet Set.

– The fine folks at Percolate in SF are looking to hire a Product Designer.

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  1. The link for the hand writing bracelets actually directs to the same as the link for booking a round the world plane ticket

  2. Hey Tina,

    Hand-writing Bracelets link leads to round the world plane ticket guide. Are we missing something?

  3. The design talk was a great way to spend 15 mins.

  4. A lot of fun and diverse links!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. thank you so much for the link, tina! also love that nytimes article about changing jobs. really inspiring. hope you’re having a great week xo