Friday Link Pack (on Sunday)

Creative Music Video Shows The Dramatic Effects Of Photoshop

– A (short) Friday Link Pack going up on Sunday? Yeah. I was in a car accident on Friday. I walked away unharmed. Counting my blessings and squeezing my kids extra tight these days.

How to age gracefully. (via)

DIY Unicorn Piñata. YES!

DIY Pineapple Drawstring Backpack (via Bas)

Art Installation invades London with 100,000 balloons.

– I like these wall decals: Be Nice or Leave, Do it and Good Vibes Only (via)

Judgmental New York Subway Map (via)

– A short video documentary on inventor Alan Adler telling the story of how Aerobie Flying Disc and the AeroPress came to be.

Japanese-Inspired Shoes That Wrap Around Your Feet

A German book critic reviews the Ikea catalog. (via)

– Soundcloud in New York is looking to hire a Senior Product Designer.

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  1. Glad you’re okay!

  2. As long as your healthy and good!

  3. Yucky car accidents – we present a brave exterior when we realize we’re okay. But when we get home to our nest there’s a strong pull to dissolve in an emotional heap. Glad you’re fine Tina. Hugging your family is the only medicine.

  4. Dear Tina,

    I hope that you are feeling OK, and that you are healing well after the car accident. It can take a while for the physical effects of a collision to repair themselves, and I hope that you are also getting over the horrible shock that comes with sudden accidents. Wishing you all the best.