Friday Link Pack

For those of you who can’t last five minutes with a crappy wifi connection, imagine having to go on a 2-day hike every time you wanted to check your email. (via booooooom TV)

– David Bowie: 15 Great Performances

– I simply love James Corden’s carpool karaoke series. This one is with Adele.

This made me chuckle.

– This vegetable stew (Ribollita) looks so good.

Baby got a tattoo and was on tv. Come visit our Tattly Parlor. It’s only going to be around until the end of February!

– Oh, this looks yummy: Whole Grain Breakfast Cake

– Can’t wait for Spike Lee’s Michael Jackson Documentary to be released.

– Gah! A life-sized caravan made out of LEGO bricks.

– Mathematicians have found crazy ways to cut pizza into equal slices. My son would not approve.

– French motion designer Sébastien Girard makes one creative animation every week. This is Week 51.

– This travel mug is a beauty.

– A Neuroscientist on the Calming Powers of the To-Do List. I love articles that justify my love for using TeuxDeux.

– Love this industrial hook.

– A theory: No matter who you are, you need two kinds of friends in your life.

– Digital Pulp in NYC is looking to hire a Senior Interactive Designer.

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  1. Ah I lost an hour to James Corden’s carpool karaokes last night – they are just delightful! Adele is such a treat :)

  2. the best of the best.
    your friday link pack. thanks

  3. omg the baby tattly is amazing. if i had a son i would tke him straight away !!!
    really cute. thank you

  4. Here Here for carpool karaoke! He is an absolute nugget! I bought 25 on the spot while listening. LOVE

  5. made me feel so good, be course what people can do with love