Friday Link Pack

Stephen Colbert and Kermit the Frog Stare Into the Stars and Ask the Big Questions

Abandoned Buildings In Australia By Brett Patman

This: Growing up means arguing with yourself more than with others.

The Dignity of Trying

Male reporter rendered instantly incompetent with single compliment

A Brief History of Swearing in Movies

Type mugs by Monotype.

– Every beetle is a gazelle in the eyes of its mother. Moorish proverb

– A 16-yr-old inventor invents a cereal vending machine completely made of LEGOs.

– These giant matches sure would make for a good conversation piece in any home.

Sushi too cute to eat.

A World of I Love You!

– My friend Christoph Niemann has a new iOS app out for kids called Chomp. (My kids love his first app, the Petting Zoo.)

– Pins! Pins! Pins!

– Yikes! Crystal scrapes the web for a person’s online information to analyze his/her personality.

– Great interview with Seth Godin on The Psychology of Success

The Good Pin Club brings you a sah-weeet new pin every month, and 100% of the profit goes directly to a different non-profit organization!

– This dude crossed America by Bike Share. From NYC To California. What the what? (via)

– The really fine folks at C&G Partners in NYC are looking to hire a Junior or Intermediate-level Front-end Developer

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  1. Wow, that “male reporter rendered instantly incompetent” video was so misleading, contrived, and worst of all … not even funny!

  2. Please stop circle jerking, and vice versa. I know you’re friends and work together, but I love both your blogs for *very different reasons*.

  3. Sexual harassment is so adorable! Imagine if the gender roles were reversed and two guys made a female reporter strip before proceeding with their interview.


  4. Are we still mind in the sexist nonsense that says that abuse is terrible if the victim is female but a great joke if a man is the target? Everyone regardless of gender is entitled to respect. Abuse is unacceptable no matter whom the perpetuator or the victim.