Learn Piano Interactively


Pianu is a website that teaches you how to play the piano interactively. I just love the internet so much!

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  1. This is so perfect! I have a gorgeous old piano in my house and I have desperately wanted to find a way to learn that would be a bit more fun than slogging through my old intro to piano books.

  2. Hooray! Just got a keyboard and am teaching myself how to play after 30 years of being away from the keys! Checking this out asap. Thanks!

  3. Hello from Pianu!
    Jake and I are honored to be mentioned on one of our favorite blogs.
    We thought we’d share the love with a coupon code to unlock Pianu Academy.
    Just type in SWISSMISS when checking out and save 30%.

    Thanks again, Tina!
    Matt and Jake