Smart Jump Rope

The Smart Rope counts your jumps and shows them in real-time with a futuristic LED display that appears right before your eyes. Pretty cool idea!

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  1. This is a video about San Diego. Should there be a jump rope somewhere?

  2. No, sorry, please remove. Here’s the jump rope video.

  3. No, sorry, please remove. My bad.

  4. LOVE the idea. But for regular – and energetic – workouts, I see some issues with this implementation:

    1 – there appears to be no way to adjust the length of the “rope”. Traditional ropes have hollow wooden handles that allow you to “knot up” the rope to easily adjust the length to your height and arm movement. Unless you can adjust the length, you are going to have a less-than-optimal jumping experience and ….

    2 – the rope will either tangle in your feet or hit the ground a LOT. how does the material hold up to ground strikes? More importantly, how does the LED module hold up to ground strikes, impacts with your feet, and – worst-case scenario – being stepped in a mis-timed jump? I don’t see any assurance that this is an impact-designed and resistant product.

    3 – Chrome handles? Perfect for slipping out of sweaty hands. Traditional ropes have long used wooden handles for a reason – they are comfortable and give good grip while being lightweight. Also, they are hollow (see point 1). The chrome is pretty, yes, but I would rather see a nice mid-density polymer with a non-glossy finish. Utility over marketing, please.

    THIS IS A SUPER COOL IDEA. But it just doesn’t seem to be well thought out for actually, you know, using the thing. I’m willing to be corrected, though. Anyone?

  5. Sorry but i cant watch the video , i try many times to reload the video and its every time i got error message that im not allowing to watch the video until i setup java and my pc already have setup java !
    what i have to do ?

  6. @Mark re: #1 – They sell it in different lengths: