Friday Link Pack

Telephone Courtesy – 1950’s Social Guidance / Educational Documentary

What Happens To A Workplace When All The Salaries Are Public?

– “My father called me after reading a blog post I had written about my son’s first signs of puberty. It seems an obvious line-crossing that I wrote about such an intimate detail, but I did.” Why I Decided to Stop Writing About My Children, by Elizabeth Bastos

– I like this bean bag chair/floor cushion for kids.

GIFs that explain nine basic principles of responsive design

A sense of appreciation is the single most sustainable motivator at work

– Just spent salivating over stunning homes on behomm. They are the first home exchange community only for creatives and design lovers.

The 5-hour rule: learning, reflecting, experimenting, & other habits business leaders do. (via)

You are what you seek.

– “The Olympic swimming pool has lifeguards, just in case someone like Michael Phelps, winner of 18 gold medals, needs to be rescued.” What?

– So simple: Tell people what they can do with your product, not what your product does.

Scrivener seems to be writers go to app of choice.

– Interesting read: “Nussbaum is drawn to the idea that creative urgency—and the commitment to be good—derives from the awareness that we harbor aggression toward the people we love.” The philosopher of feelings, by Rachel Aviv

– WHAT? Everyone recommends flossing – but there’s hardly any proof it works

– Everyone should read this: If you ever lose your iPhone, iPad or iPod, be extra alert for upcoming identity theft attempts.

A wind turbine in India caught fire. I feel for the people that built it and the owner but I can’t help but think that the rotating smoke looked really cool.

– “Women, according to my dissertation, are less likely to respond to messages from men who are incredibly attractive. For men, the opposite applies. Men are more likely to respond to women who are more attractive.” How To Get A Match, According to Tinder’s Sociologist

– Favorite new conceptual Instagram feed: bychefchloe. The croissant with eyes made me giggle. (via)

You Can Now Print 3D Holograms on Your Inkjet Printer

Totallee makes ultra thin iPhone cases. I like.

– This article on forest bathing gets me extra excited for my upcoming trip to the Swiss country side.

– “[Being your own beloved] means you do not hold onto people, you let them come to you, or not — you still suffer, but not to the core, because that core is safe.”

– Brooklyn-based watercolor artist paints gorgeous portraits of your loved ones. (via)

– A butterfly makes everything better.

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