Let Your Kids Design Their Own Clothing

picture this clothing

Over on Picture This kids can draw their own fabric patterns, send in the designs and receive a custom cut-and-sewn dress in the mail. So much fun!

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  1. kinda bummed there are only dresses…not all kids wear dresses :(

  2. Stephanie, I am sure they are just starting out and they will add more options!

  3. Hi! We just launched 14 days ago (on 8/17/2016.) We launched this as a proof of concept with a very limited product scope to see if there would be any interest in the market. Often people get excited about an idea, but would that translate to actual purchases? Turns out YES! We’re bursting at the seams but excited to say, we absolutely have plans for more inclusive options (sizes, shirts, etc.). We’re still very new and want to make sure we have our processes and quality in great shape before taking on more. But we’re close! <3 Jaimee Newberry, Co-Founder, Picture This Clothing