Friday Link Pack

Seventy-five year old Ruben Pardo is the oldest elevator manual operator in Los Angeles. For six days a week over the past 40 years, he has helped the patrons of the Art Deco marvel at 5514 Wilshire Blvd “up and down” while enlightening them with positive musings on the simple joys of life. Congrats on 40 years Ruben!

– Infographic: 50 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

– My kids think this Doo Doo Head Mask is hilarious.

Inflatable furniture that you can also use in the pool.

A Napkin Novel.

– This cloud light is aaaaadorable.

Mondrian Emoji.

This girl is winning at life.

– We all want to be part of a club. Now you can be part of a sock club. And you’ll get a new pair of socks every month.

David Bowie Answers the Famous Proust Questionnaire

Radiooooo: A Musical Time Machine That Lets You Hear What Played on the Radio in Different Times/Places

Ne vous trumpez pas.

– Whoa! Super interesting geometric rugs!

– You should totally get a Brooklyn Brownstone for your cat.

– This made me laugh: niceballs dangle beneath your desk so you can discretely de-stress

– Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston talk about their collaboration, ‘A Child of Books’.

Google’s guide to effective teams.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s To Do List (circa 1490) Is Much Cooler Than Yours

Vote Gif!

– I like this custom photo necklace.

– Loving loving loving the new Tattly set by Christoph Niemann.

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  1. I would love a “nevoustrumpezpas” t-shirt. How do I get one?!

  2. @jeannie You can email [email protected] and order one. My friend Adrianna makes them. Make sure to tell her what size in your email!

  3. The doo-doo head mask is part of the same costume as the anti-Trump T-shirt.

    You have to wear the T-shirt whilst wearing the head mask.

  4. PS — “ne vous trumpez pas” translates as means “make no mistake”.

    So that would require voting for neither candidate on the two sides of this dialectic.

    For those who recognise Clinton’s colossal questionability, I recommend making a T-shirt that reads:

    “ne vous cuntez pas”.

    It means “do not feel”, and really seems to hit the mark.

  5. Interesting set of resources Tina. I wonder how you went about collecting them for your blog. It is a nice way to point people to interesting resources and at the same time helping others get a little more visitors.