Love Trumps Hate

Love Trumps Hate

Love trumps hate pin is so needed after last night’s debate. Go Sagmeister & Walsh for launching a store with anti Trump merch. I want all of the pins!

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  1. I so would prefer to read if someone being *for* someone rather than against. If you like Hillary – tell me about her, her views, what you like. If you like Hillary, I can figure out you don’t like Trulp, and there’s enough negativity in the air without a whole store (and post) of “anti”.


  3. To me, this pin is the embodiment of When They (or that spirit) Go(es) Low, We Go High. I love this pin. If we, whatever side we’re on, can’t understand and love the other side…truly love and understand it in a personal way…we will always be stuck where we are. Thank you for this.

  4. I like the style of the pins, but not the message. Lately, I’ve been looking for sites that are a sort of haven from the political madness. There’s already so much hate in the world. Keep posting inspiring things that remind us all that beauty – in art and in people – still exists.

  5. Enough with the hating. You’re now promoting hateful commercialism that will only further the polarization we have in this country.

    Do you even vote, Tina? Are you a citizen?

  6. Citizenship?? Too busy posting about leather tape measures to reply?

    Like I ask all people who chime in with a political opinion, if you aren’t a citizen or choose not to vote, then your opinion is literally worthless.

  7. Bang up job, Tina. Great reply!



  8. Ya know…I was hoping for some sort of reasonable reply. Instead, your silence speaks volumes about your ego, your caliber as a designer and your pandering ways.

    To hell with your blog. There are dozens of others that compile the exact same content, day in and day out. You’ve lost touch with the youth and only want to capitalize on trends so you can monetize them for your own personal gain.

    Until you want to have a dialogue with your users, you’re simply speaking down to them, atop the high horse that WE helped you ascend to. I hope someone knocks you down a peg or two. There’s no doubt you have positive contributions to the design community, but until you want to respect those individuals and not simply respect those who can help you make a quick buck, I suggest you just stfu.

    Oh, and still waiting for that citizenship/ability to vote answer.