Breathe. Exhale. Repeat.

breathe exhale repeat

I have been doing a lot of controlled breathing exercises in the past 48h.

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  1. It seems like you don’t know that you have followers with different political beliefs. If you really want to influence our views, continue to focus on what you do so well- espousing positivity and creativity. Thank you so much for all you have done to be a positive influence on me every day!

  2. Eric, of course I realize that. And I love that. We are allowed to have different opinions. And I am allowed to express mine. This is my platform. My home.

  3. I find it surprising that promoting breathing exercises could be admonished. Furthermore, wouldn’t suggesting such exercises encourage positivity and creativity?

    I am at a loss, but points for politeness when telling a woman what she should and should not focus on :)

  4. Racism and “white power” should not be normalized. Don’t try to appear like a reasonable person when you support climate denial, voter suppression, and sexual assault. We need to stop pretending like we’re all on the same page. White middle/upper class citizens might have the luxury of not worrying if they or their children will be attacked, but people of color have real fears. To believe this result has nothing to do with white backlash and inbedded racism is to be blind to history. Some might say that a creativity blog is not the place to speak on this affects every aspect of life. Everytime we make space for those supporting hate, we are acting as if that hate is acceptable.

  5. I think your post was done with grace and creativeness. I can’t believe someone would chastise you for posting your personal beliefs on a private website. Go Tina Go!