Bruce Lee x Tattly Collaboration

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Best known as a legendary martial arts expert and inspiring cultural icon, Bruce Lee was also a profound philosopher and poet. Viewing the practice of philosophy as inseparable from day-to-day life, Lee carried a small pocketbook that he would fill with training regimens and general notes, as well as thought-provoking reflections, affirmations, and writings. To this day, more than 40 years after his untimely passing, these writings continue to inspire and motivate generations.

Team Tattly had the incredibly honor to collaborate with Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter just launched a set of temporary tattoos in honor of her dad’s legacy.

Be Water My Friend is one of my all-time favorite sayings and being able to wear it in Bruce Lee’s handwriting makes me so happy!

The Be Water, My Friend set launched yesterday and is flying off the shelves! My heart!

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  1. I’m sorry, but this is super tacky. The only thing more cheesy looking are the people who put stickers of the names their dead relatives on the back window of their vehicles with their born/death dates on them.

    Looks like you’re following the new Hollywood mantra to a T – Who needs original ideas when we can just reboot shit from the past??

    Here are some more ideas you can steal:
    Indiana Jones
    GI Joe
    Anything SNL 1990’s
    Matchbox Cars

  2. @Andy, totally cool you’re not into it.

    Bruce Lee’s life and philosophies are anything but tacky! Give it a read!

  3. Wow, another reason to love the legendary Bruce Lee… impeccable penmanship.

  4. I’m FULLY aware of his life and philosophies. Slapping them temporarily onto your body as a fashion statement is insanely tacky and really disrespectful of you to try and make money off his legacy, whether approved by family or not. (Side note, Shannon is an actress who has made an entire career in martial arts acting roles, cashing in on her father’s legacy)

    His words and philosophies have been bastardized enough by people since his death. I guess what’s one more….

  5. Andy – why does it upset you or make you uncomfortable for people to honor dead family members on the back of their car? Many many cultures have different ways of showing respect and the memory of people they have loved and lost. Nobody cashes in and nobody is disrespected. Who are you to judge another person’s passive, non invasive expression of love. You may wanna revisit Mr Lee’s philosophies and take a little to heart, my friend.

  6. That’s right swiss Bruce Lee was a living legend and great role model for those who just needed to “just keep on flowing ” And for those who are cold hearted to “crash” Thank you to the Lee family and all those that are keeping Bruce logical philosophy alive his art will be remembered forever. God bless you all.

  7. Alison,

    It upsets me that his legacy is being sold as a gimmicky, tacky, temporary item. Think Bruce would appreciate his philosophy being sold for a few bucks so some hipster can show how devoted he/she is to the teachings….but just for a few days, because who can commit to being moral for more than a few days.