Figure It Out

Figure it out banner

I want my kids to grow up to be humans that are resourceful and able to figure stuff out. And, I love working with folks that have this quality. So, I’d say, every office and every kids room needs this banner.

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  1. I work in a craft store and it astounds me on a daily basis how many of our customers will dive into a project without doing any research at all – and then get angry when I can’t tell them or stare blankly when I suggest they search online for instructions or a video tutorial or (gasp) go to the library and find a book! Technology has made our lives better in so many ways, but I also think it has made people so impatient.

  2. Give them responsibility from an early age. Give them something to do and trust they will do it correctly.

  3. The link isn’t working but would love to see or know where it’s from! : )

  4. Perfect. And it’s been part of my parenting mantra from day one:
    Don’t Freak Out, Figure It Out.

  5. @CC: take a page from Laurie’s book…Cant’ publish the link here, but simple Google search for “figure it out banner” and it pops to top of page! BTW: $130 (gasp)

  6. And if you choose not to decide.

    You still have made a choice.