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Women Who Draw is an open directory of female* professional illustrators, artists and cartoonists who take freelance work. YES!

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  1. Love this! Such a useful and wonderful list

  2. That’s the most sexist thing I have seen in quite a while.
    It’s a shame that you promote such ideas. A designer/ an illustrator/ an artist should be chosen because of his/her art and not because of gender, sexuality or religion.

  3. “@Tina”. Let me guess, you’re a man? (to the above commenter)

  4. While I don’t think it is relevant to the issue stated in my previous post, what sex/gender I am; No – I’m not a man. I can see how you would have wanted to dismiss this with my sex, but even if I were a man, a man called Tina in that scenario, my previous statement wouldn’t have been less true.

    I’d really like to know why you think that this directory is a great thing?

    Pages like these only promote the very thing feminism fights against: sexism. You separate people into groups of women and men and promote the idea that one is worth to hire while the other is not. The fact that this “directory” even states the artists religion, sexual orientation and race makes it even more cringeworthy. Like who wants to search for artists by their religion or race to begin with when they need to hire someone? Are these not the very same kind of people that also only hire men? Who even hires according to sex, gender, race or religion? Does it make sense to apply that to art? Surprisingly, it makes even less sense than it does when hiring someone for a different industry/job. If one hires people of whatever group picked and not by the (subjective) quality of the artwork alone, than whatever one’s agenda is, it gets down to promoting a bad kind of separation in society.

  5. I am a male illustrator/designer and I don’t see an issue with the directory. In fact, I enjoy looking at other illustrators’ works whether they are man, woman, tall, short, child, adult, and so on. The fact that someone wants to offer a platform for women to show off their art is that person’s prerogative and right, just like it’s your right to take issue with it, just like it’s @swissmiss’s right to highlight it on her blog.

    If you don’t think it promotes equality, then I recommend doing something beyond just writing some words in the comments section. I would challenge you to start a movement and make difference. Now, I gotta go. I have a difference to make. :-)

  6. Hey there, Tina!

    Maybe you’re quite knowledgable of the illustration/graphic design field and the representation of different makers by publishers at large; but I very much doubt it. (I’m including both fields of work because they are tight bedfellows).

    I’m a professional illustrator, on that list and very proud to be showcased alongside so many boot-shakingly talented women. I think it is paramount to have platforms that highlight women of color and non-gender conforming women. It is a happy coincidence that cis-gender, white women are included alongside. I believe the often looked-over groups of POC women and gender non-conforming women deserve to be given a special place of representation to compete in the unequal playing field that makes up the contemporary illustration and design worlds.

    We already have catalogs that showcase both men and women; these make up the majority, if not entirety of all catalogs that are meant to advertise makers in the illustration and design fields. Why can’t just ONE be made to spotlight women makers? What is your deal?