Friday Link Pack

I have reached the point where I am searching for relaxing videos on YouTube. The current U.S. politics are giving me anxiety and crushing my heart.

– Ian McKellen Reads a Passionate Speech by William Shakespeare, Written in Defense of Immigrants

– Wohoo! Our third season of the CreativeMornings podcast just launched. First up: Holley Murchison.

– These Kale Potato Pancakes look yum!

– This soft boiled egg holder is cool.

A Guide to Becoming a Laundry Master

The world’s coolest bookstores.

– “Humility Is the New Smart(via my favorite newsletter)

A directory of people that will match your ACLU donation

– Titus Kaphar takes recognizable styles of art and reworks them with his own style of magic

– This might inspire me to do the same: What I Learned Doing Push-Ups Every Day for a Month

– I dig this bookshelf.

135 Free Philosophy eBooks

– My friend Lucinda wrote a satirical novel about a mother whose life spirals out of control when she’s forced to rethink her bleeding heart liberal ideals. Here’s what the NYTimes says.

– What Are The Colored Circles on Food Packages?

The power of rituals: they calm nerves and boost performance(via my favorite newsletter)

– Calling is the most effective way to influence your representative. Spend 5 minutes, make 5 calls.

– The Creative Solutions Symposium is a week long residency for activists and human rights organizations who are creatively addressing social justice issues.

– I like this room divider system.

Ban Fascists Not Religions T-shirt by Ryan Hamrick. All profits go to ACLU.

– Remember to be kind to yourself.

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  1. I often forget to be kind to myself but never again. Thanks Tattly!

  2. Oh relax. You’ll be fine. Nothing bad will happen. The black vans are not going to be showing up at 4 in the morning to take you to the camps. In fact, in NYC/Brooklyn you are at a much greater risk from leftist riots and Atlantic Avenue mosque affiliates than anything from DC.

    Decolonize your mind.

  3. Uhm how did I never know what the colored circles on food packages were for? In fact, I guess I never questioned it! haha.

  4. “I have reached the point where I am searching for relaxing videos on YouTube. The current U.S. politics are giving me anxiety and crushing my heart.”

    Cry me a river.

  5. PS – Really nice try at blocking my comments. Maybe if you stuck to design instead of political agenda, we’d be able to get along. Sadly, you can’t.

  6. Bullies gonna bully. Sorry no one loves you, sweethearts, but commenting on someone’s well-loved blog isn’t going to help you respect yourself more.

    Thank you for speaking up against fascism, Tina.

  7. This is a bit kooky but I found relaxation videos on YouTube by The Honest Guys which are very relaxing and reduce anxiety: e.g.

  8. @Aadmie, I heard you loud and clear; you don’t want me to share my political views. I understand my political sharing upsets you, and I am sorry about that. But please also understand, that this is my personal blog and that while I am not a citizen, I have been paying taxes in this country for 17 years, have started 3 companies and created over 30 jobs and I have two children that are American. I kindly ask you to look past my political shares and just focus on the ones you come here for, the design-y ones. No need to lecture me every single time. I heard you.