Friday Link Pack

(Anyone know who created this?)

Download 200+ Free Modern Art Books from the Guggenheim Museum

– Shining a light on the positive impact immigrants have on the world:

– Seth Godin is going to teach you how to tell stories that resonate with his brand new online seminar.

– The wonderful Olimpia Zagnoli launched a Skillshare class.

An alarm rug that forces you to get up. Brilliant and annoying.

– The ‘Shazam For Plants‘ Will Identify Any Plant From A Picture (via)

The self-healing letter of complaint

– Dieter Rams’ classic design principles updated for the tech industry

Check who has access to your Google account (via)

Nomadic gardener rents people’s yards to grow produce

– Here’s your chance to explore Sicily with one of my favorite humans, Linda Sarris, aka The Cheeky Chef. A week of Italian culture and culinary delights. YES!

– The delicate art of “managing up”. (via)

Page Weight lets you see how images affect your page speed.

– Helen Dealtry makes beautiful scarves.

Best shot of all time.

Forget about brainstorming, try brainwriting.

This wall rack is beautiful and practical. The two conditions that have to be met to enter my home.

A person is a person through other persons. “We know from everyday experience that a person is partly forged in the crucible of community. Relationships inform self-understanding. Who I am depends on many ‘others’: my family, my friends, my culture, my work colleagues.” (via one of my favorite newsletters)

– Jamila Woods – “Holy

– Beautifully designed weight training equipment? Wow!

– I want to give this Make-Ahead “Ham & Cheese” Breakfast Casserole a try!

– “No parent should ever have to decide if they can afford to save their child’s life. It just shouldn’t happen.” Jimmy Kimmel

– Love what Jason Fried is doing over at Basecamp with their new referral program: You save $50 on your first month if you sign up with this link and the best part: They are going to be donating $50 per signup to the Chicago Food Depository.

– This throw! So fun! (via)

– Did you know CreativeMornings is now happening in 170 cities? Here are all of the upcoming events this month.

I feel great. I feel great. I feel great.

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  1. The little creation in yellow looks very much like Dallas Clayton.

  2. Looks like Dallas Clayton to me too. If you like his work, check out Brian Andreas! I love the whimsy.

  3. Looks very similar to Adam J Kurtz illustration writings!

  4. Have you tried Ruggie? I supported Ruggie on Kickstarter. Good idea but poorly executed. Sound is patchy with a lot of buzzing noise. You don’t wake up to a “soothing sound” at all. Hopefully they’ve improved the next batch.

  5. Re: The self-healing letter of complaint…

    I had to giggle after reading Godin’s post because this is my wife to a “T” – in fact, she earned the nickname “Velvet Hammer” for her ability to charm folks into submission.

    Sweet persuasion pretty much got her through a 34 year career in the Aerospace Industry.

  6. Dallas Clayton

  7. Yes! Definitely Dallas Clayton ❤️

  8. The plant identification app made me automatically think of Treezam from Master of None.