Facebook Social Fixer

Social Fixer, a plugin for Facebook lets you hide sponsored posts, remove politics, make your feed chronological again and much more.

(thanks Manu)

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  1. Thank you Manu! <3

  2. Go one better and block your newsfeed altogether — attach a .css file with the following:

    div[id*=”topnews”], /* News feed */
    #pagelet_bookmark_nav, /* Left column: Bookmarks */
    a[href*=”lists”], /* Left column: Lists like ‘Close Friends’ */
    div[id*=”ticker”] /* Right column / Chat sidebar: news ticker */
    display: none !important;

    Boom, empty. I only use Facebook for the groups and events. If I need to show something to a high school friend, I post directly on their wall.

    A little over-the-top, I know.

  3. I used FluffBuster Purity, (Chrome desktop extension) for similar reasons, but I’m interested in this!

  4. If its so bad that you have to install stuff like this to address is many deep flaws, why are you still using it? Just dont use Facebook!

  5. Is there a version for the app? What about Instagram?