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  1. I share your sentiment.

    It is a dark time in the United States.

    So many of us are appalled and embarrassed.

    So much is lost.

    Elmore, Vermont

  2. Agreed!

  3. I feel the same. I’m so ashamed and embarrassed today. I only hope that others abroad recognize that the actions of our president do not reflect the views of the majority of our people.

  4. To all your friends and followers: not everyone in America is a drooling fool who has no news source but the NY Times.

    Some of us know enough to diversify our news sources and not utterly and blindly trust a monolithic propaganda-spouting set of whiny fools still pouting because they lost an election more than six months ago.

  5. American citizens did not make this decision!
    It was made by Trump.

  6. We’re also deeply embarrassed about the ignorant and antagonistic behavior of Mr. “O Bloody Hell” and his like. Sorry, rest of the world.

    It looks like governers and mayors will be ignoring Trump’s decision – here’s hoping we can contribute to making the world a better place, despite his administration.

  7. O Bloody Hell

    You may not believe in climate change. The concepts of melting glaciers might be too distant or large for you to comprehend. But I work in the food industry. My company works on the sourcing end and puts food on the shelves of all kinds of companies from WalMart to Del Monte to HEB to Krogers to Whole Foods (and yes, it’s all the same stuff in the can no matter what store). In the past 15 years we’ve seen the cost of foods skyrocket because of climate change. Agriculture is having problems thriving because areas are becoming too hot or too cold or drought ridden for years on end. It’s not just “having a bad season”; it’s been a pattern now. So be ready for your expenses to rise as anything from cotton to pineapple become more and more costly.