IKEA now on Amazon

OMG! You can now order IKEA products on Amazon? My head just exploded. This changes everything!

UPDATE: Uh-oh. Looks ike it’s resellers and not IKEA directly selling on Amazon. This bums me out.

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  1. Hmmm none of them sold by ikea.

  2. You weren’t the only one fooled, Tina.

    http://kottke.org/17/06/ikea-products-are-now-available-on-amazon (see update paragraph).

  3. Whatever happened to that cool redesign of the IKEA shopping bag? It was so cool.

  4. Except the prices are insane: that bag at IKEA is only 99¢ :-/

  5. Also, IKEA.com has stuff for sale online. Shipping is actually not that bad for small household stuff when you factor in how far you’d need to travel to your nearest IKEA and the hassle of navigating their maze of a shopping center.

  6. The three port USB charger (which is one of my favorite Ikea products) sells for about $8 at Ikea. On Amazon, it’s $24…. Something’s not right.

  7. It’s all from resellers, not IKEA proper.

  8. Not new, and not IKEA as the seller….

  9. Thanks everyone. The IKEA seller tab had me fooled.

  10. Dearest Swiss Miss, why are you burned out? Commerce is an airy field. No one is forcing anyone to buy from these resellers; but for some, it may be their favored alterntive.

    The road is wide enough for all, is it not?

    I LOVE YOUR SITE. It’s my cuppa joe accompaniment every morning.