Algorithmic Engagement

I have daily conversations with friends and peers about how much we all dislike the algorithms on Twitter and Facebook. I have yet to find someone who argues that these changes improved the experience. As someone who creates digital products myself, I am heartbroken how Algorithmic Engagement is now ruling our online experience. Call me idealistic, but I don’t think every decision should be driven by the bottom line. Here’s an idea: Respect User > Profits.

This article on the topic is quite sobering: This Is How Your Fear and Outrage Are Being Sold for Profit, by Tobias Rose-Stockwell


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  1. Hi Tina! Your users > profits comment made me think of DazzleCon and the Zebra movement. Have you explored them? You can check them out here; I feel like their values align well with CM.

  2. I agree so much. For me, the beautiful thing about instagram was opening it up and catching a glimpse of things happening all over the world in that moment. I really miss that.

  3. I totally agree with Hannah. I miss keeping tabs on all these makers and movers in real time. Now it just seems like an incongruous mess.

    I wish there was some sort of overlaying app that could give the old feed back.

    Anyone developing this?

  4. YES! Agree with you and the commenters. I miss the timeline style where each post was available to me as it happened and then fell in line. Now, everything is completely out of order, and I look like a weirdo liking a post from two weeks ago because of the stupid algorithm. It has not improved my experience AT ALL.