Friday Link Pack

A time lapse of Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing 797

– “People are the way they are because of wounds they have not tended to. Whatever the reason, we cannot heal another. Only they can.” Read the full article here.

– A few simple tricks to be less on your phone.

– Love the idea of a swing as a night table in this post. But good luck putting beverages on it, as shown in the photo.

– This made me laugh: Productivity hacks to rule kindergarten like a Silicon Valley boss (via)

– Lovely! Dipped hoop earrings.

There is not greater joy than working together.

– Whoa! Check out this experimental bike which features a frame that twists in the middle.

– I like this minimal Wonky Grid Duvet Cover

5 Mantras for Dealing with Difficult People and Tense Situations. I really liked the first one: “Don’t push buttons that don’t need to be.”

– Beautiful project by Adobe Resident Aundre Larrow studying how our sense of place impacts us.

A literal nest egg, to collect change and be smashed when full. (Ouch, the price though)

– I want one: ‘Kniterate‘, a digital desktop knitting machine, will help you make custom clothing from scratch.

– Mailchimp (100% bootstrapped) has an “investor relations” page about their investments in their community

– A desktop punching bag.

Cure Yourself of Tree Blindness

– I love love love the new Tattly Mod Florals Set by Inaluxe.

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Sarah and I’ve been a swissmiss follower and tattly fan for a long time. I’m wondering if you might ever have the chance to have a tattly collab with CAM, (Craig Anthony Miller), of Dumbo mural fame? I have always LOVED his Ganesha paintings and I can certainly see some of those designs becoming a popular tattly collection.

    I would want one! Or 100!

    Just a thought.

    Thanks for your work and your ideas. You are in the top three of my Feedly must-reads. :)


  2. We buy these Terramundi money pots! Not as painful to smash :) They make great gifts!