Illustrators You Love?

Add your recommendation in a comment below. I will look at all of them.

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  1. Hi Tina

    I would love to be considered for the awesomeness that is Tattly.
    Directly from Norway where they are bestsellers with kids :)
    Quirky and fun letters and numbers reimagined as cartoon character.
    You can see my work here (in English):

    Thank you so much for the consideration!
    :) Anne-Lise

  2. Petite luxures
    French illustrator

  3. Hi.

    I think It’s worth exploring:

    I don´t know Mariana Baldaia, i just apreciate her work a lot.
    Hope you like.


  4. marla frazee, nikki mcclure, hannah viano, emily gravett, jon j muth

  5. Erika paints veggies and fruits and weird hands. Everything is so colorful. @crown9studios

  6. Kate Dolamore’s delightful wildlife:

    Inktober line drawings you might enjoy found at

    …and here:

    Lovely vector-based designs by Ashley Heafy at

    Fun illos by Victor Davilla at

    …and by Brian Demeter at

  7. Hi Tina,

    We have over 10,000 artists working with us on and an incredible amount of talented illustrators who would be perfect for this.

    Let’s chat! We’d love to collaborate.

    [email protected]



  8. Mo Willems, of the Don’t Let the Pigeon books.
    Troy Cummings, another children’s illustrator.
    Nick Bantok, of the Griffin and Sabine series and more.

  9. M C Escher

  10. I love the little animals by @popforest on IG! so cute!

  11. Nidhi Chanani would be amazing! I think her work would translate well to Tattlys.

  12. Melanie Watt! Her first scaredy squirrel book is awesome. All of them are, actually. The first one is just my favorite and she’s got a bold, graphic style to her illustrations. ❤️

  13. Awesome French illustrator

  14. Audrey Kawasaki

  15. Andy Warhol…can you get the rights?! Hope so. Keep up the great work

  16. Thanks everyone. I’ll look them all up.

  17. Austin Kleon!

  18. Kenneth @cltzines on instagram. quirky comics and caricatures

  19. Ben Lew –

    Josh Lewis –

  20. Jay Ryan (of Bird Machine), Diana Sudyka, Hebru Brantley, and Oliver Jeffers.

  21. check out @vanniapalacio on instagram. illustrator/artist from Ecuador

  22. José den Hartog! She is Dutch and you can find her on

  23. Hi Tina, in case you don’t know your fellow countryman Chrigel Farner, now living in Berlin, you should check him out:

    Also all the mythological stories are documented with a lot of love and care, it’s not simply for face value.

  25. Hi, this is actually an illustration I created:

    Thanks for looking!

  26. Me? I totally want to work with you! ;-D

  27. @tenthousandmoths on instagram :)

  28. Nick Fullmer:

    (Worth noting that I have one of his works as a permanent tattoo on my arm:

  29. Amanda Tricomi: @yellowkitchenstudio on IG

  30. What about the wonderful Shantell Martin? I would totally rock a tattoo of their work! And Favianna Rodriguez too, whose artwork is incredibly needed to be shared during these times.

  31. Jess Golden’s children’s book illustrations are a-dorable: (Maybe collaborate on a story-telling series, designed for kids, similar to ?)

    Alternately, you can take a page out of Michael Franti’s ( & use incomplete sentences as a way for tattoo-wearers to reach out to others. (Collaborate with Shane Koyczan?)

  32. carlyle wolfe

    fantastic, whimsical, simple illustrations in addition to her paintings

  33. Carson Ellis, Leandro Castelao, Kaye Blegvad, Kelly Thorn, OhNoTypeCo, Frances MacLeod !

  34. Hergé – Tintin (probably a licensing nightmare)

    Garth Williams (Charlotte’s Web, Miss Bianca, Stuart Little, etc.)

  35. Blake Jones –
    Jade O’Lantern –
    J. Michael Stovall –
    Nicky Davis –
    Ack! –

  36. Laura Berger, Raymond Biesinger, Aaron Draplin, Lisa Congdon, Blanca Gomez!

  37. Leana Fischer of @mayweflydesign. She has great florals and hipster animals :)

  38. Calvin & Hobbes single frame comic strips

  39. Samantha Dion Baker, Danny Gregory, Liz Steel

  40. I’d love for my illustrations to be considered! <3

    Jody Pham –

    I also recommend works by these fine friends of mine:

    Monica Moody –
    Erin Curry –—stuff.html
    Brad Albright –
    Jeff Skele –
    Kristopher Kotcher –
    Allison Anne –

  41. Wilhelm Sasnal!

  42. Emma Yarlett would do an amazing tatlly series for kids!

    And I’ll second Mo Willems, Austin Kleon, and Carson Ellis.

  43. @alduhe on Instagram

  44. Karan Singh
    We Are Handsome
    Andrew Fairclough (kindred)

  45. Olimpia Zagnoli’s stuff would ROCK as Tattlys

  46. maira kalman
    ed emberly
    vesa sammalisto

  47. Shiela Laufer. Her drawings of flowers and ladies and pots with plants in them and quilt-y shapes just KILL me!

  48. Seconding Carson Ellis and adding Lucy Engelman!

  49. a shout out to some Canadians I love

    could consider a single line drawing by Rachel Ann Lindsay

    or a simple urban/environment piece like these from Todd Stewart

    or the lovely butterflies in your stomach graphic from Assembly of Text

  50. (apparently someone even got one as a real tattoo!)

  51. i live the work of sarah neuberger ( and the calligraphy of @luckyletters on IG.


  53. Some of Jenny Kroik’s characters would be excellent as tattly tattoos! or

  54. Fredric Forest
    Garance Dore!

  55. Very cool!
    Please check out INSTA for @jillidarlingart :)
    more fine art here


  57. illustrator Anna Tillett

  58. @yayitzel (Itzel Islas) She has super cute and fun illustrations! A lot of coffee related quirky ones and some more. :)

  59. YES! OKAT (he’s the founder of Doodlers Anonymous). He has this killer quirky doodle style, but I’d love to see his hand-drawn knuckles as temp tattoo! Link:

    Oh and another great one: Lisa Currie (from The Scribble Project)

    Love Tattly!

  60. @anu610
    Illustrator with a penchant for creating original and emotive characters in a comic book inspired style. Great use of color and amazing detail.

  61. @millo amazing italian street artist

  62. Frau Ottilie! Her drawings attract both young and old and everyone in between:

  63. Whimsy and fun with a dash of wonder on instagram >^.^<


  64. Please , please Mark Mitchell who did the 45/swastika design , I need this and it has to be as temporary as this man himself. Thank you!

  65. Andy Miller! @andyjpizza

  66. Joana Estrela:

  67. The street artist, Swoon. Amazing work. It would look great as a tattly.

  68. May I suggest Catherine Chardonnay from Marseille, France ?
    She rocks !

  69. Tim Moore does some fun things:

  70. dear Tina
    I am a very fan of your work and blog
    I would like to think of something for tatly
    my work you can see here
    and here

    from brazil!


    This guy! He’s a friend of a friend and has phenomenal art. The detail and lines would look amazing as a temp tat.

  72. Sanford Biggers

  73. Ruth Chan (

  74. Nikki May

  75. Me! I’d love to make something inspiring and uplifting for Tattly!