Molekule Air Purifier

This is the firs time I’d consider letting a Air Purifier in my home. Question for those of you that own an air purifier: Do you sense a difference?

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  1. I bought one after we had a season of nearby forest fires(Seattle, Washington), and the air quality was very poor on several occasions. I wish I could say I felt a difference, but I feel like for me, it was more of psychological security blanket. By having one, I mentally felt better, as to whether it really provided cleaner air- no idea.

  2. I tried APs in the 90s and they did not work sufficiently.

    Now my apartment and office are full of plants and air quality and moisture are balanced by them.

    I recommend reading this:

    Spider plants are especially effective cleaning the fumes from computers and other technical appliances.

    kind regards and greetings from Freiburg im Breisgau


  3. isn’t there a filter to show the residue that the air purifier traps?

  4. I live in a stuffy Village apartment with poor ventilation, and air purifiers have made a decided difference – air feels lighter and cleaner, kinda hard to put into words. The filters certainly get covered with dust and must be cleaned, which is tangible proof that something is happening. Also had concerns with air quality in our studio production room and some smaller offices, so have installed air purifiers that remove toxins and odors. The brand I’m describing is Rabbit Air Minus A2 — a little clunky looking but filter technology seems based in science and very believable. I have 2 in my apt and 5 in our studio, running 24/7….we all like the result.

  5. My son has allergies and we got an air purifier along with bed and pillow covers for his room per doctor orders. Seems to have worked. He’s on allergy meds too but we didn’t see an improvement in his symptoms until we did all three. We bought a Levolt on Amazon–it’s not nearly as minimal in design as this beauty but it does have a night light!

  6. I bought a good HEPA air filter because my sister was coming to visit and she was allergic to my cats. I didn’t really expect it to do much, but thought it the polite thing as a hostess to do. I closed it in a room, ran it on high for a bit… and was so amazed by how fresh and lovely the air in my old San Francisco house felt when I returned! It isn’t strong enough to make a whole-flat difference, but is a fine improvement on the room it is in. This was years ago, a Vornado. As the earlier commenter noted, lighter and cleaner is a good way to describe the shift. I’d almost say the air felt brighter.

  7. We bought two for our 800 sq ft loft (25 ft ceilings) in an old factory building next to a major airport. They have been running since June, and the first floor unit needs the nano filter replaced already. Anyway, I would say yes, as there’s this weird stale odor in our unit, and this somehow made it go away. Thumbs up from us. And they’re pretty. And the app is pretty solid.