Friday Link Pack

World’s smallest cup of coffee

– The third season of Michael Bierut’s podcast The Design of Business / The Business of Design has launched

– “There are two types of time: Dead time — where you are passive and biding and Alive time — where you are learning and acting and leveraging every second towards your intended future. Which will this be for you?” Alive Time vs Dead time. (via Jocelyn)

Work and the loneliness epidemic.

– I buy wine based on the label design. Can’t help it. I’d buy these.

– What an incredible human being. Watch the video.

-This article on how to deal with assholes is the most refreshing thing I have read in a long time. (via Jocelyn)

– I am about to step up my pancake game with this Batter Dispenser.

The AIGA Guide to Careers in Graphic and Communication Design

Google Pixel Buds are wireless earbuds that translate conversations in real time

Fully agree with Guy Kawasaki. He warns that Facebook should be wary of alienating its user base.

– This kids winter hat has a built-in flash light. Fun.

– This Cat LED nightlight is quite adorable.

10 great resources for women entrepreneurs

– These candle holders made me laugh.

Of all the virtues, “hope” is one of the most-needed in our time.

Spotify’s Time Capsule personalized playlists

– This adorable kids blanket won my heart.

Beauty Warriors.

– My team put together some pretty fun Tattly Halloween Costume ideas.