Ownership Levels at Buffer

Level 1 — No ownership responsibility. Learning and being actively developed by others

Level 2 — Fully owns an area, channel, or discipline. Accountable for deliverables in that area.

Level 3 — Consistent record of very strong ownership for their area. Accountable for results in that area.

Level 4 — Exhibits ownership across the team, as it relates to the impact of their area. Accountable for executing on their area’s strategy.

Level 5 — Fully responsible for all aspects of their area. This person is rare. This takes an exceptional level of dedication to the craft and is a big jump from Level 4. Very few companies will have someone at this skill level.

This ownership/responsibility framework by Buffer made me think. They don’t consider it a ladder, meaning, they don’t expect that everyone will reach the highest level in the framework. Interesting! Read the full article: How Individuals Advance at Buffer, Without Becoming Managers, by Hailley Griffis

(via Erica)

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  1. Wow, such a great (and productive) way to think about ownership within a team/workplace – and growth. Thank you so much for sharing this!