Friday Link Pack

Listen to the sound of the penguin falling. I feel you little penguin. I feel you.

The Need To Be Alone

– Do yourself a favor and read this uplifting post: The Crunch # 51 When I was done reading, I signed up to support Gus and Tane on Patreon.

The 25 films every feminist needs to watch in 2018

What are you trying to do?

– While I hope I won’t have to move ever again, as I love my home so much, I want to remember this simple moving hack.

Stylish IKEA Hacks.

– Self-care is so much more than a social media trend — Mister Rogers explains that when we take care of ourselves, we allow ourselves to grow.

Change in top 10 American companies over the last 100 years

– This after school routine hack is pretty impressive.

The 100 Best Nonfiction Books Of All Time.

– “Real relaxation doesn’t come from doing nothing at all if you’re a busy person but from doing something different.” — Alex Pang in a recent Hurry Slowly Episode

These portraits by Phil Galloway are stunning.

– Two major Apple shareholders push for study of iPhone addiction in children

– Chad Dickerson put together a crowd-sourced list of best books for new, first-time managers.

– Better selfies with this light up selfie case.

This scarf gets my two thumbs up.

– Yes to this cat doormat.

No one really knows.

DIY Tattly Valentine’s Day Cards

– I am determined to navigate 2018 with an open heart. Wearing this at all times.

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  1. First time commenter. Finally telling you how much I totally love your web site. The variety of stuff is totally amazing, funny, timely and so thoughtful. I often forward links to friends who ask “where do you find this stuff?” I especially look forward to the Friday LinkPack. I’m in icy Mpls. and today I sent a friend the link to the sound a penguin makes when falling down. It was so human. We could both relate. I totally enjoyed the Hurry Slowly podcast on the topic of downtime and vacations. Thoughtfully done and introduces me to a new podcast to follow. Your website enriches my life. Thank you.

  2. Roberta, thank you for your incredibly kind comment. You made my weekend. Sending you a hug.

  3. thanks
    I def need that ” No one really knows pin haha

  4. Thank you. Your share is interesting.