Friday Link Pack

The Secret History of the Color Black

The New US Tax Law, Explained with Cereal

This jacket uses solar power to glow in the dark

Be Like Water: The Philosophy and Origin of Bruce Lee’s Famous Metaphor for Resilience/ (Tattly licensed his famous words and turned them into tattoos!)

A Sense of Appreciation Is the Single Most Sustainable Motivator at Work

– Stunning: A Top Floor Sprinkler Leak Creates a 21-Story Tower of Icicles on a Chicago Fire Escape

A Beginner’s Guide to Backing Up Photos (Thanks Ajay)

My mug is watching me.

– I own one of these Disco Ball Tumblers and it gives me a ridiculous amount of joy.

A Thermometer broke at -62°C (-80°F) in the world’s coldest village. Totally impressive photos.

– This hero bookend made me chuckle.

46 Women Who Are Changing the World

Let me interrupt your expertise with my confidence. LOL.

– This stop motion made me giggle.

– Love this geometric ring.

– Adam Grant and his wife share tips on how to negotiate your way to a better marriage

– What a treasure trove! 36 Ideas for Finding More Creativity & Meaning in Your Daily Work

Urban Camouflage Sweaters.

– “Your silence and amnesia are complicity

– I bought this pretty three minute hourglass and now my kids brush their teeth longer. It works.

– Come work with me: I am hiring a Community Coordinator at CreativeMornings and a Social Media and Marketing Manager at Tattly.

– See you at the Women’s March in NYC tomorrow, wearing these.

– Kai, the force behind Offscreen Magazine sponsored my blog this week. His labor of love remind us what’s good about tech. The world needs more publications like this.

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  1. Hi Tina! I didn’t know quite how to bring this up but I think it’s important. It seems like Allison Sweet Grant And Adam Grant co-wrote the article you linked to, but only Adam’s name is used in the link pack and Allison is referred to as ‘his wife’.

    Although this is true, and I notice this language used quite commonly, it makes me curious as to why? Why is it our first instinct to refer to someone as the wife rather than using their name?

    Anyways, some food for thought on a Friday morning. Thank you for your work. I appreciate what you bring to the world.