Brompton Bike

After years of dreaming of owning a Brompton Bike, the day has come. I am actively researching which model and which features I want. This spring I will be cruising through Brooklyn on my very own Brompton.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have caught this post from last October, when visiting Minneapolis for the AIGA conference, one of my followers Martha, offered to take me on a Brompton tour through the city. I said yes and proceeded to bike with this wonderful, big hearted stranger. Now she is a friend and I want a Brompton. :)

Do you own one? Have any recommendations? I admit, I am intrigued by the new Electric Model.

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  1. Now you made me want one too……..

  2. I’ve had one for 5 years and love it! For DC, 3 gears have been plenty. I expect you’d enjoy the Ortlieb bag line that goes with the Brompton luggage mount too.

  3. Own one and use it daily to travel to get to the train to travel to work and back. It’s great!
    I would recommend getting the version with a pannier rack, came handy lots of times for me. Also get one with the lights already equipped (the simpler option will do), so no worries about batteries. Last but not least: get the version with gears. A 3-gear-version is even in a flat surface a great thing. You’re much faster and it’s so easy.
    Lust but not least: I like to «official» line of bags and so, but vincita works as well (and is bit cheaper). I got the handgrip which is okay, but not great (the position is kind of strange and it doesn’t really stay in position, while holding it).
    But: great decision. Best bike you can get!

  4. I’ve owned my Brompton since 2005 and ridden it too many miles to count, including commutes from the Upper West Side to Wall St and also from the UWS to eastern Bronx.

    Two summers ago my wife and i rode from Buffalo to Albany on the Erie Canal trail on our two Bromptons. We rode 35-45 miles a day and it was a great trip. A new mountain bike might have been somewhat better — but one of the great virtues of the Brompton is its flexibility and utility. It is first of all a great riding bike — and it happens to fold.

    My Brompton has the 3 speed internal gear hub which is adequate for most parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn. (My wife has six gears which is even better.) The front mounted S bag is very handy and easy to pop off. The similar Ortlieb O bag is much better in the rain — especially important if you’re carrying documents or a computer.

    I often fold the Brompton and carry it folded inside buildings. If you plan to use the bike this way be wary of adding features you don’t really use. The weight adds up!

    Also, I suggest you go visit David at bfold on E 13th St. His shop is devoted only to folders and he really knows his business.

  5. Check out Path Less Pedaled! They rode Bromptons across the country! Reach out to them directly, I’m sure they’re have great insight.