Anatomy Drawing Hack

Where was this when I was in art school trying to get a handle of life figure drawing?

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  1. That is rather idealised, like the ancient Greeks did it, with those eights. In reality a head will often be closer to a seventh of the total body length, if it is not even bigger.

  2. When I started college, I was a fashion design major. We had this, using the female figure though. A more stylized version added an extra head height. We also made tracings of our bodies on rolls of newsprint. Divided the sections and analysed the proportions. Were we long-waisted or long-legged? That sort of thing. (Not as comparison to others, but as self awareness so to better fit/style our clothes.) Figured out how to use our body to measure a yard, a foot and an inch. I switched majors, but still glad I know those things and still use them in my art.