Friday Link Pack


– Tattly is having its once-a-year-totally-bonanza-50%-birthday-sale right now!

Women Who Design, a directory of women working in the design industry (via)

A Primer on UX/UI Design

Glyphs App allows you to create Fonts on your Mac

– Completely in love with this cat furniture company. Modern and beautiful cat trees, beds, etc.

Quick, Easy-to-Finish Tasks Build Momentum in the Morning

– Cute overload: Baby throws his hands up after being un-swaddled

Hold Your Fire: The shirt that raises money to support gun control, made by a girl who misses her dad.

5 signs you are doing better than you think you are.

How to Notice and Avoid Dark Patterns Online

– I would love to experience an Outstanding in the Field Dinner.

Hurry Slowly Episode with Austin Kleon – Pencil vs Computer

What pigeons do for fun!

– This 6 month old baby has some epic hair.

– A big thank you to Allen Gannett for sponsoring my blog this week. I’ll definitely give Can You Learn To Be More Creative? a read!

Cool jobs to apply for:

California Sunday Magazine is looking to hire a Creative Director, Creative Associate and Assistant Editor.

We Transfer is looking for a Product Designer in Amsterdam.

Firebelly in Chicago is looking to hire a Project Producer and Design Apprentice.

Alchemy is looking to hire a front-end developer and junior developer. Remote!

MailChimp is hiring a whole army! Some of the jobs that stood out: Senior Producer (Atlanta), Talent Scout (Atlanta), Senior Designer (Atlanta), Software Engineer (Brooklyn and Oakland). See all jobs.

Did you know CreativeMornings recently launched a job board and a creative company directory?

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  1. The link doesn’t seem to be working for the “Five Signs” article. Pls help!

  2. Thank you for sharing all these!
    That baby hair made my day.
    The pigeons made me chuckle and I almost woke up my in-laws who are staying over at my home this week.
    I just downloaded the “This is a gun-free home sign”, so simple, yet so powerful.
    Oh and if you’re interested in a more intimate “Oustanding in the field” dinner, I got the chance to attend, and then volunteer at Secret Supper (, it was one of the first events I attended when I move to Portland, and have made so many amazing friends, both at the table and behind the scene.

  3. What Kim said. In fact, the instagram links never seem to work.

  4. Just remove the “?saved-by=swissmiss” from the end of the URL.

  5. Fixed the link. Sorry about that.