Inc Magazine 100 Female Founders

I feel grateful for this generous mention in Inc Magazine’s 100 Female Founder issue.

A big thank you to the charming photographer Jen Dessinger for making me look legit.

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  1. This staggering humility in spite of such amazing achievements is just one of the reasons I’ve been a fan for years. Massive congrats!

  2. (OOPS – I posted my congrats on the tea towel post. they ARE cool, but not as cool as this.)

    This is very exciting. Congrats!

  3. … where you lead … I will follow !!! thank you for being your true YOU and listening and leading with your heart to make life better.

  4. I absolutely, positively LOVE your quote. It has been something I have seen from industry to industry that is so simple but people simply do not understand. I have always gone by the Field of Dreams motto, “If you build it, they will come” and focus on the work, not the $$$. Your words are eloquent and on point. Congratulations!!! Well deserved.