Classic Square Alarm Clock

In order to not grab the phone first thing in the morning and getting sucked into the social media channels, it would make sense to leave the phone outside the bedroom. So, what alarm clock to get? This classic square one designed by Dieter Rams is a strong contender.

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  1. This woke me up from high school all the way to university! The bi-bi-bip is still the best way to get me out of bed. I should get a new one.

  2. i will just warn you to not get those philips alarm lights. all looks good on paper – you wake up through increasing light and soothing music, however… there is no customisation on how long or gradual should the light or music be. you cannot upload your own music and the soothing sounds of forest are 1 minute loop going off over and over – to the point it is really annoying. got it as a gift from my gf, so i wake up to that but as soon as it won’t be embarassing for both parties, i am switching to iphone

    if the oura ring vibrated, i would recommend it. but it does not

  3. I got it in black last year for that exact reason. My phone stays in the kitchen, on flight mode, until after breakfast. Great design, does just what it’s meant to do!

  4. I hate having my phone near my bed.
    I have a square wooden Muji alarm clock which does a great job and is beautifully minimalist as well.