Friday Link Pack

You will be missed, Mary Oliver.

– Taiwanese photographer Annie Wang documented herself and her child over 17 years, layering each image from previous years into new photograph. LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

How to make a self-starting siphon

This is what one what of our 1,500 global CreativeMorning volunteers said when asked why she volunteers for CreativeMornings.

The most foolproof ways to toast nuts to your liking

The Best Plug-In Smart Outlet

Beautiful article on late John Bogle, founder of Vanguard, who revolutionized retirement savings.

– I am weirdly intrigued by these Nike grass sneakers.

– This is a flight I want to be on.

How to diagnose a “sick system.(via)

– Loving this seating terrace.

– In this Hurry Slowly episode Jocelyn talks with Cal Newport about his new book Digital Minimalism, the benefits of a 30-day digital declutter, and how managing your “attention capital” is the secret to getting ahead.

How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation: I couldn’t figure out why small, straightforward tasks on my to-do list felt so impossible. The answer is both more complex and far simpler than I expected.

– Maira Kalman | Daily Things to Fall in Love With (via Chris)

Feds can’t force you to unlock your iPhone with finger or face, judge rules

Is Eating Organic Food Better for Us? For the Earth?

– I am not a vegetarian (yet). This article really made me gulp: Eating meat has ‘dire’ consequences for the planet, says report

Parliament Book has documented all parliamentary floorpans & interiors around the world. (via)

– I love this new Tattly space explorer set with illustrations by Oliver Jeffers.

– Cool jobs to apply for: There are over 1,000 jobs listed on the global CreativeMornings job board. Tap into a super kind community.

– A note of gratitude: I was invited to speak at Google yesterday and I was overcome with a giant gratitude wave. I realize I am living a very fortunate life and want to acknowledge that here. Thank you for reading my blog! I appreciate you visiting my little corner of the internet.

And, some of you have been reaching out to me, worried that the Friday Link Packs would be history. Don’t you worry. I was just really busy over the past few weeks and couldn’t give it the time it needs. We are back!

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