Friday Link Pack

A huge congrats to my dear friend Debbie Millman for being a 2019 AIGA Gold Medalist for her extraordinary contributions to design. Enjoy this timeless talk from 2011.

– Maggie Doyne’s Blink Now organization now sells goods which are crafted by the Kopila Valley Women’s Cooperative. I love this so much!

Rules for being human

Weekends looks like a wonderful animation.

How to Tell Your Story

Nothing really mattress

Stay home, it’s too peopley outside

– Remember some of these beautiful posters by Herbert Leupin from growing up in Switzerland

– Wait what? This is how you eat a pineapple?

– Thats a pretty incense holder

– I like this laundry canvas truck

A minmal backpack. I like.

– 20 questions with… Oliver Jeffers

Focus on your team/company output first and your personal productivity second.

Legal advice for startups by Johnathan Rees

The promising young studio Hawraf is shutting down. The four partners decided to go out by publishing comprehensive documents about how they ran their business.

– “The path to become unmistakable is the willingness to be wrong, to be criticized and most of all, to matter. And if you’re willing to do something that matters, you are likely to be in the minority – and it probably means you’re doing something that’s unmistakable.” — Seth Godin

I Love NYC!

– Thrilled about Tattly’s latest collaboration with the wonderful Loveis Wise.

– “The nicest people always come through the CreativeMornings Job Board.” Yep!

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  1. Thank you so much dear Tina. ❤️

  2. Danke für den Link zum Hawraf-Artikel. Super interessant!