A Joyously Spectacular Life

“If all you did was just looked for things to appreciate, you would live a joyously spectacular life.”
― Esther Abraham Hicks

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  1. sooo true ! thank U Esther, and Tina !

  2. that’s gratitude for ya!

  3. Great perspective. Have you read any Abraham Hicks books/do you have any recs? I’ve only read two, my favorite being “Ask and It Is Given.” I am curious about how you decided how to credit the quote, too! I know it’s a tricky situation since they’re channeled works. I usually just say “Abraham Hicks” when I quote “them” but I like how you did it :)

  4. I love this quote. But the reasons I love it are twofold: I love it for its obvious gratitude-lending perspective, but I also love it because of its inverse. If all any of us ever did was look for things to appreciate, we might each independently live joyously spectacular lives… but none of the things that were broken and in dire need of fixing would ever be noticed or fixed.

    That “all” is a super important word in the quote; I don’t think “all” we should ever do is look for positive. Often look for positive, yes! But I think the world NEEDS people to look for injustice and oppression and inequity, and that this work does not always lead to a “joyously spectacular life”… but it leads to one that is honest and informed and empowered to make necessary change.

    Again, I love this quote. I love it because no matter what kind of day I’m having (social justice warrior day or attitude of gratitude day!)–it works.

  5. Love love love Esther and Abraham Hicks, completely changed my life, like utterly and totally. Thank you for sharing. ?

  6. Hear hear!!

  7. EPIC quote. I feel like I need to paint it on my wall in huge letters. x