Wear Space

As someone who works in an open office space and at times has difficulty focusing, I would totally be game trying this Wear Space Blinder Contraption. It looks ridiculous, yes, but hey, if it gets me to focus, I am fine with that.

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  1. I presume that working in an open space, as you are the business owner, is your choice. In planning workspace, it is more important that workers have space that supports the kind of work they do, you included, and not open office space just because it is de rigueur.

  2. Yes I agree. I see this more as a symptom of a bigger malaise – the open-plan office. It’s like giving a design award to, say, an expensive car-proof body armour for cyclists, and the city planner who had the power to create more off-road cycleways (but didn’t) giving it the thumbs up on her blog…

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